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Happy Heart Moment! ~ This Texas girl turned Indiana Hoosier has been enjoying more snow this year than she has ever seen in her whole life! She hardly knew where to begin playing, so she opted to run like a snowflake through the fresh fallen snow. Then, she gathered the plans she had been drawing for a snow fort and brought them outside where she and daddy promptly began building her first ever snow fort!! We have to build it in small increments during the “warmest” part of the day because of the extreme cold. Plenty of breaks and hot chocolate!!!

As I started to join them, I realized I hadn’t found my boots after moving to the Indiana country-side this summer.  I searched all the usual places without much luck and began thinking maybe my boots didn’t make the move.  I found the very last of the unopened boxes that had been tucked back into the corner of a rarely used closed.  There were my boots!!  I was so excited I had to take a picture.

The day just wouldn’t be complete without a sled ride, or 20, down the driveway.  I can say, I did quite well for someone who did not know how to sled!!

What’s your Happy Heart Moment this week?

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