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When Monica asked me to take some professional portraits of her for the new business she has started, I knew it would be a very enjoyable session.  Her session was to include outside portraits as well as indoor.  That’s great by me, but since it is still winter here in Indiana, I figured she would want to wait for warmer weather. To my surprise, she wanted the session as soon as possible!  Yay!  I knew this would be fun!

As a professional photographer, I see things differently than most people do.  You may see just a tree, or a plain wall, but I see a great background to make your professional portraits look beautiful in your photos! I love when clients trust where I place them, and how I pose them. This was definitely Monica!  She was up for anything and was a total natural.

We started the indoor part of our session mid-afternoon.  The forecast called for snow, but I had a good 3 hours before any snow would hit.  That would be more than enough time to get through the entire session before snowfall.  As soon as I started shooting, the snow began to fall.  No problem!  Falling snow looks great in photos!  I kept shooting without any concern.  As we wrap up our indoor photos, that’s when it started – snow/sleet/hail.  We planned to head over to a nature trail, but not now.  Again, I figured Monica would want to reschedule the outdoor part of the session.  Nope!  She was up for it.  So, we headed to the end of our driveway and I captured some amazing images in front of our evergreens.

Monica’s daughter was totally amazing by holding an umbrella to protect my camera.  The next thing I know, the wind is catching the umbrella and knocking us over.  No worries!  Monica’s daughter caught the umbrella, and we carried on like it was nothing!  We were all laughing so hard.  This is part of what makes my job so amazing.

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