5 Simple Tips for Your Wedding Portraits | Indiana Wedding Photographer

5 Simple Tips for Your Wedding Portraits! | Indiana Wedding Photographer

Just one of many reasons I love being an Indiana Wedding photographer is that Luminary Brides are so sweet, and awesome!  It’s great to be able to get to know my couples beyond just their names, and snap their pictures.
Luminary Brides are also great at allowing plenty of time to capture those beautiful wedding portraits you’ll cherish forever.
As you are planning, there are a few details that can easily get overlooked on your wedding day.  These five things will help your day flow smoothly!

Dress Fitting –

1. Have a seat!  Literally! Make sure you try to sit in your wedding gown before the wedding day.
This especially holds true for tight/form-fitting dresses.  I’ve seen brides with dresses so tight that it was hard for them to breathe, let alone sit down.  If you are planning to have a sit down dinner at your reception, you will definitely make sure you’ll be comfortable enough to eat!!

Bridal Details –

2. Bouquets need to be delivered to YOU.

When you tell the florist where to deliver your bouquet, make sure you ask them to deliver the bouquet to where you are getting ready.  This way I am able to photograph your bouquet with your bridal details not to mention, you’ll want your bouquet in your Bridal Portraits!!
3. Rings! – Don’t send them with the Best Man!
The best man will hold on to the bands for the ceremony, but we’ll need all the bands for your Bridal Detail photos.  Add the rings to your Bridal Details bag, and that’ll make sure they get in the detail photos.  If you happen to forget, no worries, I’ll still be able to photograph the rings during the ceremony.

High Heels –

4. Stuck in the mud!

Hopefully, your wedding day will be bright and sunny, with no mud.  If it has been raining close to your wedding day, you might want to consider getting some Heel Stoppers!  These clear, plastic squares pop on to your heel and keep you from sinking into grass, gravel, and uneven surfaces.  A must have for those natural portraits everyone LOVES!!!  There are many brands available.  Here’s a link to just one brand:  Heel Stoppers

No Worries!

5. Little imperfections are ok!
Brides, here is the most important tip of all to remember! Those tiny imperfections will not show up in your portraits!  Phew!  So, if you get a little dirt on your dress or imperfection, don’t worry it’s really ok!  You’re going to look amazing! Enjoy your day, pause every so often just to take it all in and remember this special moment in your life!!

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