Beautiful Blue Barn Wedding!

As soon as I saw Keyana’s dress, I gasped! The delicate layers and sparkling jewels definitely caught my attention. It turns out that this was actually her second dress. The first dress encounter an unfortunate tailoring mishap barely a few weeks before the wedding. But, Keyana, being the calm, easy-going person that she is, was not worried! She was fitted with a new dress quickly – one she loved even more than the first dress! This is a great example of how relaxed Keyana and Mitch are. They are very easy to work with, which helped their day to flow seamlessly!!

Keyana and Mitch’s wedding was held at the Blue Barn Berry Farm. That’s right! The very place many of you went blueberry picking this summer is also a wedding venue! The Blue Barn has a fantastic reception area that is flexible in set up and heating/cooling to make a lovely reception in any kind of weather. On top of that, the owners and staff do an excellent job of making your wedding dreams come true!

Venue: Blue Barn Berry Farm
Cake:  Betty’s Cake Shop
DJ:  Claude Clark

Catering:  Blacktie Catering

Dress:  Toulma’s Bridal

Indiana Countryside vineyard wedding.jpg


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